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1) I had been diagnosed with Bell's palsy on March 3 of 2017 at a concentra clinic where they provided me with anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial medication. As I was looking for alternative therapy to help me recover , I found Grace a very experienced acupuncture practitioner. Grace being very knowledgeable in her field of study gave me emotional relief and helped me stay positive .she  knew my condition was nothing serious and it could be treated with acupuncture, hot cupping and electro therapy to stimulate the paralyzed facial muscles. Her reassurance and confidence along with her level of expertise definitely got me to believe that all was going to turn out right. After 3 weeks of continuous acupuncture,cupping and electrotherapy treatments along with my western medication I was starting to see the first signs of recovery! It was such a blessing to be able to smile once again and know that I was going to fully recover ! As I write this review I have now made a full recovery and I am more than grateful to have had Grace help me through my struggle. Thank you! Much love and positive vibes. -Ivan Atak


2) Dr. Grace is the best! She is very kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Three months ago I went to her with hormonal problems, sleeping disorder, and other issue. Under her care all of my symptoms are gone. During the treatments she is very patient and careful. She adjusts each session to my needs and when necessary recommends herbal supplements. Visiting her office is one of the best thing that I have done for my health. It gives me a peace of mind to know that can always call and make an appointment with such a reliable, experienced, and affordable healer as her. - Maria P

3) Grace is an amazing practitioner. I am in severe chronic pain from a very degraded spinal condition for which I need surgery. Spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis. I cannot take pharmaceutical pain killers because they make me very ill. Grace advised me that she could not change the physical need for surgery that my orthopedic surgeon advised me to get, but in the meant time could assist with a more natural method of pain management in order to treat and ease my extreme pain and suffering. She has successfully been able to help me to the point where I can sleep at night, drive, and function much better in my daily life until I can get my surgery and improve my overall health. - Snow S

4) Grace is a gifted healer, caring, attentive and genuinely interested in helping her patients. I started seeing her for acupuncture after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder with no known cure. She has helped me immensely with managing the stress associated with the condition and helped me achieve an improved sense of well being. I look forward to my weekly/bi-weekly sessions with her and genuinely miss her when I can't come in due to travel. She recently introduced me to cupping to help flush toxins and I look forward to seeing how this therapy helps boost my immune system. Thank you, Grace! - Basma B

5) You will not get better care than from Grace Xu. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I have had acupuncture for the last thirty years and have been to China several times and can say that Grace's expertise is at the top. I have been going to her for the last six months and have found my energy to have increased and my sleep is excellent and allows my body to replenish itself. I wake up every morning with energy right out of bed. I am 60 years old and thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Grace's acupuncture treatments I look and feel as if I was 40. Thank you Grace. - Joe P

6) I have seen many Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, not only in America but Canada also. Grace is exceptional with her unbounded knowledge of all TCM. Grace is always making sure that I receive the best possible care for which I trust her wholeheartedly . I have what many would consider a stressful job with my travel schedule and  other aspects, however she keeps me in a place where I can deal with anything. The acupuncture I receive keeps my body and mind centered and strong. I stay healthy all year long with the herbs she has me taking. So nice to know that while others around me might have colds and such, that I will remain strong and healthy. I love the way the cupping therapy feels. I also believe cupping is beneficial to my strength of body.  Thank you!!!  I am Blessed to have found her! - MeiLi O'Donnel 

7) Grace is a great healer. She always listens carefully and tailors my treatment to fit my needs,
This is my first time having acupuncture treatments, and I could have never imagined that I would feel so calm and relaxed. I have recommended the Family Care Acupuncture & Herbs to everyone I know. This place is the best! - Ray A

8) Grace is very knowledgeable and has been helping me with some stress related health issues I am currently working through. I have been seeing her for almost a year now and highly recommend her.- Mark G

9) Dr Grace is truly caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable & skillful! I have been blessed to be one of her patients! He has truly helped heal my sciatica pain issues and I look forward to always seeing her! - Candice O

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